Navigating Your IRS Issue Just Got Easier

Rescue Stories: Arthur F.

“Like a lot of people struggling through one of the worst economies of our time, I fell behind on my taxes, and was living paycheck to paycheck.

IRS notices were piling up, along with everything else, and I was in the process of sorting out my finances, when I had a major setback.

While driving late at night, I was involved in a terrible car accident, which left me seriously injured. My recovery was long and painful, but I was still determined to get back on track with my financial situation.

A friend of mine referred me to Craig Thomas, at Streamline Tax Resolution, and told me he can work wonders. So, I contacted Craig to see what he could do about my tax issue, and right away he went to work on resolving my situation.

Almost immediately, Craig was able to get me placed in a “Non-Collectable” status with the IRS, putting the brakes on all IRS collection actions. He was very reassuring, walked me through the process, and told me what to expect. With easy to follow instructions, I provided him with everything he needed to resolve my tax situation.

Shortly thereafter, he prepared and submitted my Offer In Compromise for my $32,700 tax liability, and it was accepted for $100! I couldn’t believe it, but it was the break that I badly needed! I just got married, and without the IRS tax liability and tax lien, my wife and I were able to purchase our first home.

Now my financial life is back on track, and moving in the right direction! I highly recommend Streamline Tax Resolution; those guys are good!’

Arthur F.

Read Arthur’s IRS Offer In Compromise Acceptance Letter HERE 
Arthur F.
Arthur F.