Navigating Your IRS Issue Just Got Easier

Rescue Stories: Timothy L.

Craig came to me as a referral, and what a blessing!

Here’s my story:

Several years ago, I made the mistake of withdrawing too much of my cash surrender value from a life insurance policy, which created a huge taxable liability. I had just become unemployed, burned through my savings, and needed another source to tap into for income to live off of until my pension income kicked in.

Once my pension payments began, I setup a payment plan with the IRS, and tried to maintain it. However, the bad economy made it very difficult to keep up with the payments. In fact, I was not able to pay the taxes owed on following tax years, and I racked up a $38,000 total tax liability.

Eventually, I could no longer afford the payments to the IRS, at which time I sought the help of Craig Thomas, at Streamline Tax Resolution.

With Craig’s expertise, my total tax debt was reduced to $2,300 via an Offer In Compromise! (See Tim’s OIC Letter Here).

With this fresh start, I’m looking forward to being “on time” again with my IRS filings and payments, like I had been for 40 years before my tax problems started.

Timothy L.
Timothy L.